Annual Report of Fellowship Activities 2013-14

I. General Information:

Official Fellowship Name: Environment Fellowship of Rotarians


Social media:
Twitter: @EnviroRotarians

Name of primary contact officer: Marco Kappenberger

Email address of primary contact officer:

Number of active members: 3128

Number of countries represented: 98

Cost of individual annual membership dues: none

Cost of individual lifetime membership dues: none

Is the fellowship incorporated: no

Have your group distributed one or more newsletter to its membership in the past Rotary year as required by Rotary policy: yes

II. Annual Report of Fellowship Activities:

We refer to our newsletter that appears also in our website, and remain available to share any additional information desired.

III. Annual Report of Fellowship Finances:

There's no report since we have no dues nor anything to report on.

Respectfully submitted for our EFR by

Marco Kappenberger
P, Environment Fellowship of Rotarians

July 6th 2016